Ariete 2957/00 Popcorn Maker Xl Red, 1100W


The new car Pop Corn XL of Party Time line Ariete will accompany your evenings with family or friends, with lots of crispy and tasty popcorn ready to be crunched one after another.

Thanks to the special hot air cooking method, Pop Corn XL Party Time transforms, in less than 2 minutes, 60 grams of corn, into fragrant and light popcorn. You will not need to add anything else, neither oil nor fat, to obtain a light but tasty snack, all natural and fat free.

Thanks to the removable bowl you can bring your hot, crunchy and freshly made popcorn directly to the table or on the sofa! With Pop Corn XL Party Time, you can prepare popcorn for the whole family in a few moments and make children and adults happy.

Thanks to hot air cooking, you don’t need to add anything else: just operate the machine and wait a few minutes to enjoy hot and crunchy popcorn. Insert corn in Pop Corn XL Party Time and hear the unmistakable popcorn crackle!

Once ready the popcorn will fall into the glass and you can remove the lid and munch them in front of the TV directly from the bowl. Sofa, film and popcorn, what better end to the day?

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