With some wedding lists, the honeymoon starts before the ceremony! That’s right! Beytech’s Wedding List is hassle-free, stress-free, and comes with plenty of benefits!

By choosing to open a Wedding List account at Beytech, you can enjoy the below benefits:

A Wide Selection

A wide selection of electronics, home appliances, IT solutions and communication products from a portfolio of international brands. 

Privilege Account

Couple will benefit from up to 10% discount for one year on their purchases from BEYTECH’s brand, excluding special sale/offer periods.

SMS Notification

Free SMS to notify you about each transaction and a “Thank you” SMS to the person(s) who contributed to your wedding list.

A Wedding List Contribution

Money can be deposited into your Wedding List account through a bank transfer, in-store or online.

– In Store payment at Beytech: Jdeideh, Mirna Chalouhi Highway

– Online payment through BEYTECH website at

– Bank transfer

         Company:                         Beytech SARL
         Bank:                                Credit Libanais
         Branch:                             Bouchrieh


USD Fresh Account no: 0007623140005

USD IBAN no.:               LB15 0053 001R USD0 0076 2314 0005


USD Account no:          0007623140001

USD IBAN no.:              LB55 0053 00CA USD0 0076 2314 0001


LBP Account no:          0007623140002

LBP IBAN no.:              LB31 0053 00CA LBP0 0076 2314 0002

A Professional Consultant for the Couple

A professional consultant is at the couple’s service.

Daily Updates

FREE daily updates on your Wedding List account.

You can request a Statement of Account from Beytech store or you can contact us on 01/243000



Beytech’s Wedding List Conditions

  • Up to 10% discount will be applicable only for the items purchased by the couple which is not on promotion and before closing their account. The discount is not applied on IT, Mobiles and TV products.
  • The couple can retrieve its money twice; the second time should be at the closing of their account 2 months after their wedding.
  • The couple informs Beytech of its wish to retrieve their money 7 working days ahead of time, and in return, Beytech shall pay to the couple by check, bank transfer or cash.
  • If the deposited LBP or USD amount is submitted in Check, Visa card or Bank transfer it will be redeemed via a Check as per original currency.
  • Should the deposited USD or LBP amount be submitted in cash or international transfer, it will be redeemed via cash as per original currency.
  • The online fee is 5% for international USD payment which will be charged on the guest.
  • The payment fee from an international card in store or international bank transfer is 5% and will be charged on the couple.
  • The credit card fee for in store local payments is 2.75% and will be charged on the couple.
  • A minimum of 5% of the total wedding list amount needs to be spent at Beytech.