With some wedding lists, the honeymoon starts before the ceremony! That’s right! Beytech’s Wedding List is hassle-free, stress-free, and comes with plenty of benefits.

Your account can be opened in LBP or USD.

There is no minimum opening balance.

There are no hidden account charges.

Cash deposit can be made from the opening date of the account and will remain after 3 months of the wedding date.

As a couple, you can withdraw twice from your account; the second withdrawal will be the closing date of the account. 

The Wedding List total amount collected can be reimbursed to the couple – after three (3) months period from the date of opening of the wedding list account. (e.g. (one (1) month prior to the wedding and two (3) months after the wedding).

Following the three months’ period, the couple may request the payment of their wedding list account, and be paid within 15 working days of making a request to Beytech through check or a bank transfer if the payment will be made within the Lebanese territory.

For online amounts, payment will be made through a bank transfer within 15 working days of the couple’s request.

All wedding list amounts shall be reimbursed and paid to the couple by Beytech exclusively in Lebanese pound (LBP), if the currency of the deposit is in LBP, and in American Dollars (USD), if the currency of the deposit is in USD or in LBP according to the Official rate.

Beytech shall not be liable or accountable for any late payment due to any banking restriction, transfer limitation or any force majeure event.

What are the exclusive benefits?


The 100% Cash Back Wedding List option means you will receive the full amount deposited in your Wedding List account via check or bank transfer (if you do not wish to make purchases from Beytech).


The 110% Cash Back* Wedding List option is applied when you choose to use your Wedding List amount in part or in full to purchase products from Beytech. Whatever the amount you decide to use at Beytech, we will reimburse you with 110%* of the remaining amount via check or bank transfer. For example, if the total Wedding List amount is $15,000 and you decide to spend $5,000 at Beytech, we will reimburse you the remaining $10,000 + 10% of the $5,000 spent ($500)

* Cash back is not applicable on IT, Mobiles and TV products


By choosing to open a Wedding List account at Beytech, you can enjoy the below benefits:

A Wide Selection

A wide selection of electronics, home appliances, IT solutions and communication products from a portfolio of international brands. 

100% Cash Back

The money received in your wedding list account will be paid in cash, if no purchases are made from BEYTECH.

110% Cash Back

10% of the total value of the items purchased from BEYTECH will be paid to you in cash. 

Privilege Account

Up to 10% discount for one year on your purchases from BEYTECH, excluding special sale/offer periods.

35% on your Dream Kitchen

35% discount on Burger German Kitchens and Stosa Italian Kitchen from Beytech Kitchen Ideas.

The kitchen is the central living space in any flat or house. Whether the style is functional or imposing, the Burger and Stosa ranges offer an individual solution for every floor plan and any room size. Our high-quality product specialists will plan your personal dream kitchen for you tailored to your needs and requirements.

SMS Notification

Free SMS to notify you about each transaction and a “Thank you” SMS to the person(s) who contributed to your wedding list.

A Wedding List Contribution

Money can be deposited into your Wedding List account through a bank transfer, in-store or online (a 2.75% bank charge will be deducted from the total online deposited amount).

A Professional Consultant for the Couple

A professional consultant is at the couple’s service.

Daily Updates

FREE daily updates on your Wedding List account

Online Statement

Access to a FREE Statement of Account online (via Beytech’s website) or by requesting one from our showroom (excluding recent online payments which require 3 days to show in your account).