Ariston HMCB 7030 AA D F UK Built-in Combi Fridge Freezer


Keep your food fresh and delicious!

The Hotpoint HMCB 7030 AA D F.UK.1 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer has a 201-litre fridge and a 63-litre freezer, giving you plenty of space to store your favourite food and drink. And with the fridge’s adjustable shelves, you can squeeze in larger items to keep everything chilled.

No frost, no problems

Don’t waste your weekend chiseling out ice from the freezer. The Hotpoint HMCB 7030 AA defrosts automatically and reduces the build-up of ice, keeping your fridge freezer running smoothly. Plus, it prevents ice crystals from forming and sticking your frozen food together. So you won’t have to wrestle with prizing apart your leftovers just to get dinner ready.

Eco-friendly cooling

Keep your food chilled without wasting energy, as the Hotpoint HMCB 7030 AA D F.UK.1 has an A+ rating. You’ll save some money on your utility bills while being kinder to the environment.

Dimensions:W: 56 ; H: 177.5 ; D: 55

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