Ufesa RK5 TotalChef Multifunction Food processor


Ufesa RK5 TotalChef Multifunction Food processor.

Create homemade dishes with the best ally

TotalChef offers you all the functions you need in a single kitchen robot. 20 functions that will allow you to cook, cut, assemble, emulsify, knead and steam everything you can imagine.

Highest precision

TotalChef has a built-in scale, a constant temperature control system and a special click to clean cleaning function so you forget to clean. Its LCD display screen offers you information about: time, temperature, speed and program.

A specific program for any meal

The TotalChef has a time setting from 0 to 99 minutes so that your recipes are perfect. In addition to the automatic programs, it allows you to control the cooking time, temperature and speed.

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